Swim Tangaroa is a swimming and water safety program for children and adults. With water safety and stroke developmemt the main priority, students' success is driven by qulified teachers who focus on providing an environment that enables students to fulfill their swimming potential.

The Journey:
The curriculum covers 5 key learning areas

  • Entries and exits
  • Floating
  • Movement stroke development
  • Personal survival
  • Underwater skills

The Program:
Our Swim Tangaroa program is offered in 4 levels.

  • Pepi - 6 - 36 months - $10.00 per child per week
  • Tamaiti - Children 3 to 5 - years $14.90 per child per week
  • Tamariki - Children 5 to 14 years - $14.90 per child per week
  • Pakeke - Adults 14 yers and over - $14.90 per child per week 
Swim Tangaroa consists of levels that are based on age and swimming experience, allowing children to work their way through the levels, and progress into recreation or competitive squads.



Swim Tangaroa Newsletters
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More information
More information about our amazing Swim Tangaroa programme can be found throughout these tabs. Or to enroll, email Vanessa - Swim Tangaroa Coordinator to enrol


Swim Tangaroa FAQs Expand all

Swim Tangaroa Caters To

  • Infants with their parents in the water - Children aged 5 months to 3 years
  • Preschoolers - Children aged 3 - 5 years
  • School aged children - 5 - 14 years
  • Adult swimming lessons - 15 years and over

Swim Tangaroa Benefits

It's never too early or late to learn how to swim! Our program ensures students learn and understand personal survival and water safety elements at all ages.

Other Benefits Include:
  • Establishing a strong and effective swimming technique
  • Becoming empowered to think, discuss and decide
  • Enhancing knowledge, skill and understanding
  • Supported by professionally qualified teachers

Membership Fees 

Membership fees are due and payable via direct debit. This fee covers the cost of the lesson and holds the student’s place in a class. A separate document detailing terms and conditions related to direct debit payments is available from reception.


Children under 3 years:  $10.00 per lesson per week / $20.00 per fornight
Children over 3 years:    $14.90 per lesson per week / $29.80 per fotnight
Adults: $14.90 per lesson per week / $29.80 per fortnight
Any additional classes: $10.00 on top of your usual payment
Administration Fees: $10 per contract

Enjoy a free leisure swim on the day of your lesson for no extra charge

Essentials for Each Lesson 

  • A towel 

  • A well, non-contagious student (If you or your child is unwell please stay home)

  • Goggles or cap, if the student prefers

  • A swim nappy if your child is not toilet trained

  • A happy and cheery smile with lots of energy

  • Students swipe tag

Missed Lessons

The membership fee secures your place within the program class. Program membership does not include an option for missed lessons.

Prior notification and presentation of a medical certificate for the missed lesson is ideal, however we do understand that illnesses can often pop up out of the blue.

Please let us know as soon as possible if your child is unable to attend their lesson so arrangements for catch-up lessons can be made.


What are the pool temperatures

Our pools are heated all year round to ensure the teachers and our students are comfortable throughout their lessons.

The leisure pool which is used for our Wonder, Courge and Active 1-3 classes is 30 degrees
Our 7 lane lap pool, which is used for our Active levels 3+, Squad and Adult classes is 27.5 degrees

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