Memberships and Passes


All of our memberships are perfect to fit in with any lifestyle! They are all "no fix term" this means you can cancel or suspend at any stage we just need 7-10 days notice.

Our full gym membership is all inclusive! This means you will have full access to the gym, all group fitness classes as well as access to the Aquatics! How amazing does that sound!

Our full gym membership also includes an amazing introductory program called Begin.

Adult $18.90 | Concession $16.90

Get full access to Trust House Recreation Centre with weekly direct debit payments.

Adult $14.90 | Concession $13.90

Get aquatic access to Trust House Recreation Centre with weekly direct debit payments.

Adult $46.00 | Concession $32.40

Adult $64.00 | Senior $54.00

Adult $90.00

Swim Only Membership

If you benefit more from swimming, our swim only membership is PERFECT for you!

This membership includes:
  • Unlimited Swimming
  • Access to the spa
  • Access to the sauna
Membership Type Weekly Price Fortnightly Price 1 year Paid in Full Sum
Adult Swim only $14.90 $29.80 $774.80
Senior, Student or CSC $13.90 $27.80 $722.80

Our "Swim Only" membership is a no fixed term contract.
You can cancel or suspend your membership at any stage, we simply need 7 days notice andthe appropriate form filled out.

Unfortunately with paid in full memberships we are unable to suspend or refund them if you or circumstances change.

Full Fitness Membership

Membership Type Weekly Price Fortnightly Price Paid In Full Sum
Full adult gym membership $18.90 $37.80 $982.80
Full student, senior or CSC $16.90 $33.80 $878.80


When you sign up to our full gym membership, you are also entitled to join an amazing program called Begin. We are here to support you and set you up on the path to success to achieve your goals.

Our qualified and experienced fitness professionals will be here to help you stay motivated, provide advice, and regularly check-in so you are gaining the most from your Health, Fitness and Wellness journey with us.

The Journey

Appointment 1: Beginning

This appointment is 1 hour long.
We will take time to understand your goals, your motivations and your reasons to change. We will build a baseline to measure and map our progress and develop a personalised gym program designed for you and demonstrated to you.

Appointment 2: Check in

This appointment is 30 minutes.
Your check-in appointment is the appointent which will take place approximately 2 weeks after your first. Here, we will focus on how you are finding your personalised program and where we can make any changes.

Appointment 3: Benefits

This appointment is 1 hour.
In your third appointment we will revisit your Beginning baseline markers and review how we have progressed in the initial 30 days and the Benefits you have gained. This is a great time to keep things going or add some variety into your program!

Don't forget to wear comfortable clothing and shoes to exercise in and a drink bottle to your appointments.

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